Detailed Scan Uncovers
The Bizarre Link Between Tinnitus And Your Brain

Every single person should know about this:

An alarming brain scan has recently uncovered that the piercing noise has absolutely nothing to do with the ears...

But with a deeply disturbing and life threatening thing that's happening inside your brain at this very moment...

Brain scan

And once you'll find out what it is, not only will you understand where your ear ringing, buzzing or whooshing come from...

But, also, discover the culprit that's taking over your brain...

Something so dangerous that recent medical studies now pin it as an early indicator of disorders like memory loss, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

But even if you or your loved ones have been suffering from tinnitus for as long as you can remember, thinking you're bound to live with this sickening sound for the rest of your life...

Do not give up hope just yet.

My name is Charles W. Brighton and I'm the head of research at the Institute for Hearing Performance.

Charles W. Brighton, Head of Research at the Institute for Hearing Performance

After 3 years of intensive research, my team and I came across a breakthrough that addresses the problem from a completely new angle.

Our journey started with one question:

"Why do deaf people still get tinnitus?"
Since they can't hear, there's no "sound" to process to begin with....
Here's the bizarre experiment from the late 1950's
that sent shockwaves across the medical community
and gave us the first clue...

Back then, researchers suggested: "If you have debilitating tinnitus, let's cut the auditory nerve and then you will be deaf, you won't hear a thing, but you won't have tinnitus."

Representation of auditory cortex

A few patients went along with it and got their auditory nerve surgically cut, therefore becoming completely deaf...

But, unfortunately, their tinnitus got even louder.

That's when medical researchers realized that tinnitus isn't in the ear, or in the part of the brain that processes sounds.

So, where is it coming from?

Next, two little-known studies
completely changed the way we understand and treat tinnitus

The first study comes from Winfried Schlee of the University of Konstanz in Germany, and his colleagues.

These brilliant brain scientists have been making some of the most detailed studies on tinnitus ever...

And have clearly showed, using increasingly sophisticated brain scans, that tinnitus is a lot more than just "a ringing in the ears".

One of the most detailed studies on tinnitus ever made.

In fact, chronic tinnitus might have
absolutely nothing to do with your ears.
It actually goes much deeper: inside the brain.

More specifically, rather than being a ringing inside your ears, it's a ringing across your brain.

Brain scans showing tinnitus is a ringing across the brain.

Schlee and his colleagues used a method called magnetoencephalography (MEG, for short).

They took advantage of the fact that every time the brain cells - also called neurons - send each other signals, their electric current creates a tiny magnetic field.

Therefore, MEG allowed them to detect such changing patterns of activity in the brain 100 times per second.

Schlee and his colleagues found widespread differences in the brains of people with tinnitus and those without it.

The networks in the brains of healthy subjects tend to fire their neurons in sync.

While, in the case of tinnitus-stricken subjects, the flow of signals goes completely different.

So, what exactly happens inside your brain
when you have tinnitus?

An eye-opening study from the University of Iowa in the US not only takes further Schlee and his colleagues findings but also makes us feel like in a sci-fi movie...

As, for the first time in history, the signals relating to the constant ringing noise were mapped across the brain of a patient undergoing surgery.

In plain English, scientists "followed" tinnitus during an open brain operation and recreated its "circuit".

For the first time in history, tinnitus is mapped across the brain

And the result was mind-blowing, and not metaphorically speaking...

Tinnitus "travelled" through THE ENTIRE BRAIN.

3D image of the brain's left hemisphere showing the circuit of tinnitus.

This means tinnitus extends far beyond the ear, and far beyond the hearing-specialized part of the brain.

Now, here comes the most interesting part:

Thanks to these experiments, scientists discovered
tinnitus is a disease of the networks that connect the brain.

In other words, that buzz you're hearing...

Is the buzz of the "communication lines" that have been altered and can't pass the information properly from one brain cell to another...

These "communication lines" we're talking about, they're called "synapses" in medical terms...

Representation of brain networks

And they're the ones that make sure the vital "brain signals" are strong enough to get from one side to the other so that everything functions properly...

Let me ask you: do you know that high-pitched, screeching sound or that whooshing you sometimes hear over the phone?

Those sounds really resemble tinnitus, don't they?

Well, that's a truly strange coincidence because...

Any disturbing sound in your head means the brain signals went wrong... and it's a sign that the communication lines are jammed, overheated, or weakened... and need to be fixed FAST!

Otherwise, one by one, the communication networks break down, the brain cells disconnect and your brain shuts down... COMPLETELY.

There's no simple way to say it, but if you're dealing with these "phantom sounds"...

"Your brain is a ticking time-bomb
and tinnitus is the emergency alert"

And Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and dementia-so many memory and anxiety disorders start with the failure of synapses, which, simply put, is a failure in brain connectivity.

Many memory disorders start with a failure in brain connectivity

Tinnitus is the desperate cry of
the brain trying, but failing, to repair itself.

Now, if tinnitus is a disease of the brain's communication networks, where brain cells fail to connect with each other, there's only one question that we need to answer, really:

What do our brain cells need to properly communicate?

A brain cell, just like you, needs to be alive and healthy

As simple as this sounds, there's a big catch to it.

The right amount of vitamins and nutrients need to be distributed at the right place and at the right time, no exception, so all brain cells can connect in silence.

Balance is extremely fragile. Chaos begins the second one element is missing.

The lack of one key brain resource, however, starts most disasters.

You see, no brain cell can stay healthy, exchange the needed information and perform without:


In simple terms, Phytonutrients are highly-nutritive substances that are naturally produced by plants and absolutely crucial for your health.

Here's why...

In the absence of certain Phytonutrients, your brain cells become "toxic".

Just as your body releases sweat when you work out...

When any brain cell activity takes place inside your brain, free radicals are released...

These free radicals cause neurotoxicity...

Neurotoxicity causes brain damage, makes cells age faster and eventually leads to their death.

Now, if you've heard about the damaging effects of free radicals before, you might've also heard many experts and supplements manufacturers talking about their well-known enemies, antioxidants.

And it's true...

Antioxidants counteract free radicals and "clear" neurotoxicity.
But you know what makes
the little-known Phytonutrients
far superior to the much acclaimed antioxidants?

Your body is supposed to produce its own antioxidants.

But, in order to do that, it needs to be constantly "fuelled" by Phytonutrients.

That's right.

Your organism can't produce its own antioxidants and can't counteract free radicals or neurotoxicity without Phytonutrients.

Phytonutrients versus free radicals.

Moreover, besides their antioxidant properties that address the brain and enhance cellular communication, phytonutrients also have antibacterial and DNA-repairing roles.

But, as I mentioned, your body can get these crucial substances only from the outside: from fruits, vegetables, nuts and various plants.

We've found studies that proved age-related brain decline starts when adults are in their 20's and 30's ...

Age-related brain decline starts between the ages of 20-30

Which is why, with every year that passes, your body and brain will require more and more Phytonutrients to support its normal activity.

If not, free radicals will invade the brain cells, get them sick and eventually "drown them into toxic waste".

But let's assume you follow the "5 five portions of fruits and vegetables a day" rule...

Can you really be sure you're getting ALL the necessary resources of Phytonutrients?

Broccoli, for example, one of the most common vegetables "prescribed" by doctors, gets its Phytonutrients from the soil...

But modern intensive agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients and minerals from the earth in which the food we eat grows...

Instead of growing one crop and waiting for the soil to regenerate and get its "refill" of minerals and farmers grow one crop after another...

Sadly, each successive generation of fast-growing vegetables or fruits is truly less good for you than the one before.

So even when fruits and vegetables are supposedly developed organically and with no pesticides...

This organic food can still be affected by the damaged soil and not have all the Phytonutrients it's supposed to.

Raising the number of veggies portions might do you some good, but here's the thing...

Not all Phytonutrients are the same

There are Phytonutrients that better suit your liver, and Phytonutrients that better suit your brain...

Plus, not all the Phytonutrients that suit your brain are found in veggies and fruits...

According to studies, there is one special case of Phytonutrients: the Phytonutrients from hibiscus...

And you might need this type of Phytonutrients more than you think...

It may sound odd, but...

Your brain is programmed to
kill its own cells in this one situation...

First, what you need to know is that, once a brain cell is dead, it's dead.

Brain cells can get repaired if they're "sick", but they can't be revived.

When a brain cell gets sick from the free radicals, it no longer transmits signals to the other brain cells that he is healthy.

If the other brain cells no longer receive news, they get a clear order from the brain to kill the sick brain cell, as it is "toxic" and might infect the entire community.

What's amazing in the case of hibiscus, is that its Phytonutrients can form a protective layer around the sick brain cell.

This layer makes sure the other brain cells don't get "infected" and, in the meantime, protect the sick one from getting killed, while allowing it to recover by itself.

Hibiscus contains a special group of Phytonutrients

There are 232 species of hibiscus, but only one has the Phytonutrients that maintain the brain cells healthy.

Finding this rare case of Phytonutrients determined us to go even further....

And, after digging through piles of studies and tests, we discovered:

8 more special cases of Phytonutrients that fit brain cells, besides hibiscus:
juniper berry, hawthorn berry, uva ursi, buchu leaves, olive leaves extract, green tea and garlic.

We've also discovered Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant in the brain, one that can complete and add even more power to the entire list of Phytonutrients.

Based on all these findings, after many years and tens of thousands of dollars invested, our team of researchers and medical experts has finally developed...

A breakthrough product that addresses Phytonutrients deficiencies:


What makes Silencis Pro so amazing?

  • It contains a potent army of Phytonutrients sourced from: hibiscus, juniper berry, hawthorn berry, uva ursi, buchu leaves, olive leaves extract, green tea, and garlic + Vitamin C, one of the most powerful antioxidants for the brain;
  • There are hundreds of processing methods, but the overwhelming majority lead to the degradation of Phytonutrients and vitamins.

    We rethought and refined every single step of the process to make sure the Phytonutrients and vitamins are sourced and prepared correctly.

  • It gathers the 4 vitamins that are -according to doctors- essential for brain oxygenation and cell protection: B3, B6, B9, B12;
  • Lacking those vitamins causes brain shrinkage and brain damage which can eventually lead to Alzheimer's, dementia and nervous disorders.

  • It has a carefully balanced formula, based on bioavailable, GMO-free ingredients;
  • The advanced, innovative technology used for Silencis Pro helps your body absorb the Phytonutrients and vitamins easily and rapidly.

  • It offers maximum benefits for each powerful ingredient;
  • We've crossed out no more than 73 possible laboratories, until we found one located in Colorado, which is CGMP verified, secure, clean and which only works with extremely pure ingredients that have highly active properties.

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Jeremy Seaton, 43, Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Sarah G., 58, Lexington, Kentucky

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How can I get this supplement?

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